Brumm r116 Napier 6 (1905)

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This model is the Brumm r116 1905 Napier 6 racer in green with chromed bonnet.

At the front is a tiny chromed, photo-etched starting handle which sits below green louvered body panels that cover the engine bay. On the right side of the body panels is a black racing number [15] and behind this on the driver's compartment is a chromed brake handle. On the opposite side of the engine paneling is a chromed pipe. Atop the chromed bonnet sits a large radiator cap that on the real car must have been over 8 inches high if scaled properly on this model!

Further back on the car is the driver's compartment with brown seat, black steering wheel and a dashboard containing a couple of dials and a chromed box. On the floor are three silver painted rectangles representing the accelerator, brake and clutch pedals. At the rear of the vehicle is a chromed fuel tank. There is no glazing on the model.

All wheels are of a green plastic, multi wire spoke design with chromed centre hub nut with a separate white "rubber" tyre.

The baseplate is green metal and has no detail. Engine sump, clutch housing, gearbox and drive shaft detail is provided by a separate casting. The exhaust system is represented by a further separate, black plastic casting. At the rear of the baseplate, just in front of the rear axle, is the legend "Brumm, Made in Italy, #1:43" on two lines. The baseplate is fitted to the body via two small self tapping screws at the front and rear of the vehicle.

The date of issue is unknown.


Item: 1788