Dinky 226-G-1 Ferrari 312B Racing Car

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This model is the Dinky 226-G-1 Ferrari 312B Racing Car in metallic dark red.

The model features no opening parts. The interior has a black plastic dashboard and seat while the steering wheel is white and the plastic driver is wearing a white jumpsuit with black helmet. The racing label is a white circle with a black number 2 in the centre. There are three of these labels located on the front bonnet and both sides just in front of the mirrors. The glazing is clear and the mirrors are chrome inserts. The engine is chrome while the rear aerofoil is white and has two labels of a checkered red and white flag on a navy background. The exhaust pipes are chrome.

The front two wheels are slightly smaller than the rear wheels but all wheels are bare cast metal hubs with black rubber tyres.

The base plate is black painted metal with the words Dinky Toys in the centre, "Ferrari 321B" on the left and "Made in England" on the right. It is held in place by two self-tapping screws.

This model was issued between 1972 and 1975.


Item: 1713