Del Prado of Spain

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Technically speaking, del Prado is not a manufacturer but a publisher. However, it has released a number of companion items that are of interest to the model collector. Although actually manufactured by other, often well known, manufacturers, these items are commonly referred to as "del Prado" items.

Ediciones del Prado was founded in 1988 in Madrid, Spain. From the very beginning it's activity involved the publishing of edited works in instalments. Since then it has grown such that it is now one of the leading enterprises of its type, distributing it's products largely through newsagents and newstands. At present it has branches in France, Brazil, Poland, Japan and Hong Kong, and representatives in Italy and Great Britain. It's products are distributed practically all over the world in countries as diverse as Germany, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, Colombia, and the United States.

Del Prado products have covered a variety of subjects aimed at a diverse base of readers and are often accompanied by collections of miniature items, released in conjuction with the serialised text. These have been very popular, with examples being: "Aircraft of the Aces", "Building the Cutty Sark", "The Ultimate Car Collection", "Locomotives of the World", the Lead Soldier collections and "Porcelain Trinket Boxes".

Handicrafts have been another important line with "Doll's House" and "Your Dream Doll's House" being claimed to have brought about a small revolution in this area. "Building the Bounty" and "Building a Medieval Fortress" are other Ediciones del Prado handicraft collections that have enjoyed enormous popularity.

Music has also been a major area for Ediciones del Prado. Collections of classical music and popular music have been released. Art, nature, the world of children and history are other subject matters published during the last few years.

However, for the miniature modeller it is del Prado's miniatures that have the most appeal.