Unknown Auto Lift

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This accessory is the Unknown Auto Lift in red. It came with its original cardboard art style box. It measures 146mm long, 72mm wide, and 10mm high (25mm high to the top of the lever).

This accessory consists of 4 cast elements (outer ramp frame, inner hoist frame, and two lifting braces), and has all features molded into the metal. The inner hoist ramp lifts and lowers by means of the metal lever protruding from one side.

It has no manufacturer's marks or country of origin details on the castings or on the packaging. *

I do not know when this item was issued.

Item: 3407

* Hans Jørgen Wagner has sent me a message indicating he has this lift and has found it was sold in Denmark by Arntz & Allrup in 1949 in Denmark. Arntz & Allerup was a men's equipment agency/wholesaler who stocked English clothing during the period 1943-65. The lift appears to be the only toy sold by Arntz & Allerup. He concludes the toy was probably a ready-made toy originating from England as he has not come across it during his research on the history of Danish toys.