Triang Spot-On (NZ)

Spot-On Toys were introduced in the UK in 1959. When Lines Bros. took over the failing Meccano Ltd. business, it acquired the Dinky Toy brand and it is generally accepted by collectors that this was the reason the Spot-On brand was discontinued — having two competing brands in the diecast toy market being considered poor business practice.

According to Carville Stewart, in his book "Toys of Road Vehicles Made in New Zealand" [ISBN 978-0-473-51477-8], 6 die-casting machines were sent from Northern Ireland to New Zealand in 1968, in the hope that some useful life could be obtained from the Spot-On dies. The Triang (NZ) catalogue of 1968 lists 10 models, but by 1970 this had increased to 20 models. However of the 23 different models listed in the catalogues, only 16 appear to have been released. Triang Pedigree (NZ), as it was then known, announced in 1971 that the Spot-On range had been withdrawn from production.

The New Zealand produced Spot-On items were catalogued using a different item identifier to those used in the UK. Catalogues produced for the New Zealand market identified the following models:

NZ No. Vehicle Release Dates Probable Die Used
N101 Morris Minor 1000 Not known to have actually been issued Ex-UK 289 die
N102 Austin Healey Sports Issued 1968-71(?) without driver figure Ex-UK 219 die
N103 MG Midget Sports Issued 1968-71(?) without driver figure Ex-UK 281 die
N104 Morris Mini Van Issued 1968-71(?) Ex-UK 404 die
N105 MG 1100 Issued 1968-71(?) Ex-UK 267 die
N106 Morris 1100 Issued 1968-71(?) Ex-UK 262 die
N107 Hillman Minx Issued 1968-71(?) without roof rack Ex-UK 287 die
N108 Vauxhall Cresta Issued 1968-71(?) Ex-UK 280 die
N109 Jaguar S Type Issued 1968-71(?) Ex-UK 276 die
N110 Austin 1800 Issued 1968-71(?) without boat or driver figure Ex-UK 286 die
N111 Ford Zodiac Issued 1968-71(?) Ex-UK 270 die
N112 Land Rover Issued 1968-71(?) without trailer Ex-UK 308 die
N113 Rolls Royce Not known to have actually been issued Ex-UK 103, 260, or 502 die(?)
N114 Mercedes 230SL Not known to have actually been issued Ex-UK 278 die
N115 Volkswagen Variant Issued 1969-71(?) without roof rack Ex-UK 401 die
N116 MG PB Midget Issued 1969-71(?) Ex-UK 279 die
N117 Tonibell Ice Cream Van Issued 1969-71(?) Ex-UK 265 die
N118 Crash Service Land Rover Issued 1969-71(?) Ex-UK 402 die
N119 Fire Department Land Rover Issued 1969-71(?) without Firemen Ex-UK 316 die
N120 RAF Land Rover Not known to have actually been issued Ex-UK 415 die
N121 Commer Window Cleaner's Van Not known to have actually been issued Ex-UK 315 die
N122 Commer Security Express Van (Money Bank style?) Not known to have actually been issued Ex-UK 273 die(?)

All New Zealand issues were released in the same size box. Boxes were of a lighter weight card and the cellophane used was very thin and rarely survives intact.

The bases were usually left unpainted and attempts were made to remove the UK number and "Made in Northern Ireland" text by filling over the area. However as this fill wore away, a ghost image of the text could be seen on some castings. It is believed that no attempt was ever made to add "Made in New Zealand" to the bases, however it did appear as "Made in New Zealand by Lines Bros. (N.Z.) Ltd." on the boxes.