Timpo Lead Figures

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These items are Timpo Lead Figures all thought to have been issued circa the 1950s.

Farm Figures
Item 3802
This is a scarecrow in grey, red, and yellow.

Zoo Animal Figures
Item 3803
This is an Indian Buffalo in Light Grey.


Item 3804
This is an Ostrich in White.


Item 3805
This is a Crocodile in Dark Grey.


Item 3806
This is a Kangaroo in Brown.


Item 3807
This is a Sea Lion in Black.


Item 3808
This is a Rhinoceros in very Dark Grey.


Item 3809
This is an Elephant in Dark Grey.


Item 3810
This is a Hippopotamus in Very Dark Grey.


Item 3811
This is a Lion in Brown.


Item 3812
This is a Lioness in Brown.


Item 3813
This is a Lioness in Brown.