Stelco, Germany

Stelco was a company that was established some time in the 1950s. In 1965, the name of the company was changed to "Dr. Adolf K├╝rschner Inhaber Stelter und Co" and during this time, a number of plastic car models were produced that are either unmarked or have the Stelco Logo imprinted in the plastic. In 1969 the "Vinyl Line" series was introduced by the company and four years later it changed its name to "Stelco Spielwarenfabrik, Stelter GmbH & KG". Heino Stelter became the new head of the company following Adolf K├╝rschner, who had previously led the company. The company continued with the Vinyl Line series after the name change in 1973. This is the reason you will find models that look the same, except they are marked with Vinyl Line, or Stelco, or sometimes completely devoid of markings.

Stelco is the predecessor to Vinyl Line. and some models were made during both the "Stelco" era and the "Vinyl Line" era. The only way to tell one from the other, apart from any marking they may have, is to weigh the two models separately - the later Vinyl Line models usually weigh a few grams more than their Stelco counterparts.

Stelco produced mainly vehicles in 1:43 scale, a few in 1:64 scale, and a number of other items clearly designed for the very young. While there are a number of lists on the internet, several confuse items issued by Vinyl Line with those issued by Stelco. This is not helped by the fact some Vinyl Line advertising also carries the Stelco name on the package. However it is generally agreed that true Vinyl Line issues carry the Vinyl Line imprint on the model. I am aware of the following 1:43 scale vehicles that appear to have been issued by Stelco (they either carry the Stelco brand or have no branding at all):

  •     BMW 2500
  •     Chevrolet Corvette 1963
  •     Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray
  •     Ferrari 250 LM - Le Mans - Pininfarina
  •     Ford Capri
  •     Ford Cortina
  •     Jaguar E-Type 1:43
  •     Lamborghini Miura
  •     Mercedes C 111
  •     Morris Marina
  •     Oldsmobile Toronado
  •     Pontiac GTO Cabriolet
  •     Porsche 911 Police
  •     Porsche 911 Convertible
  •     Porsche 914 Targa
  •     Renault 16 TL
  •     Toyota 2000 GT
  •     Volvo P 1800
  •     Volkswagen Pick-up 1:43
  •     Volkswagen VW Beetle 1500

Stelco has also produced seven models in the smaller scale of 1:64.

  •     Chevrolet Corvette 1:64
  •     Ford Mustang (1:64)
  •     Jaguar E-Type (1:64)
  •     VW Volkswagen Beetle (1:64)
  •     Volkswagen 411 (1:64)
  •     Maserati Mistral (1:64)
  •     Porsche 906 (1:64)

And finally there is a series of young children's toys that includes an articulated truck and trailer, a bulldozer, a front end loader, some aircraft, and a helicopter.