Matchbox 1-75: MB38 Ford Model A Van - William Lusty Promo

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This model is the Matchbox MB38 Ford Model A Van in Cream and Green. It was released as a special Code 2 promotional item in conjunction with  William Lusty.

Most detail is cast into the body. Detail includes the front engine louvres, the front doors, door handles and door hinges, the rear doors, handles and rear numberplate <strong>[KG6567]</strong>. The front and rear wheel arches and running boards are cast as a separate metal component and painted green. The front bumper, front lights, and grille are also cast separately in plastic and chrome plated. The van sides are adorned with William Lusty advertising and logos "William Lusty, Exquisite Taste In Cakes" on two lines above a graphic, the front doors have "William Lusty" on two lines in green lettering, and the rear doors have "William Lusty" in green lettering over a brown scroll banner reading "Exquisite Taste In Cakes". The roof is green textured plastic.

There is no interior as these models were never issued with interiors. The glazing is only present in the cab area and is clear plastic — there is no glazing in the rear door windows.

The baseplate is black plastic that fits inside the green metal body component housing the wheel arches. It is marked at the top centre "Matchbox", followed by "Model A Ford, Matchbox Int'l Ltd, © 1979" in the centre middle, and "Made in Macau" at the centre bottom. It is held in place by two machined rivets, front and rear.

All wheels are of the "Superfast" type - one piece plastic hub and tyre component, with a separate chrome and black "dot dash" 10 spoke hub insert.

This model was issued in the 1990s and comes in standard Mail-out Promotional box — White, oversize box (marked Size "L" on one inner end flap and "FMB38/WZ" on the inner top flaps) with address front, "MB 38" in black lettering on the outside end flaps, and standard Matchbox details on the rear, including "Copyright 1992 Matchbox International Limited".

Item: 3040