Lonestar Tuf-Tots 617 Horse Box Truck

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This model is the Lonestar Tuf-Tots 617 Horse Box Truck in pale green with red horse box.

The model has a three-piece metal body, 50mm in length. It has been molded with the cab and chassis casting having representations of the grille, lights, front bumper and doors cast at the front, fuel tank and rear locker to the rear. The base is part of the cab and chassis casting, the rear horse box is cast metal, and the rear ramp is a separate casting. There is no glazing. The original wheels are black plastic and attached to domed steel axles. They are held to the chassis by means of pinch-clamped posts.

The base has the manufacturer's mark "Lone ☆ Star" to the middle top and "Tuf-Tots" to the bottom centre. On the cab roof is thelegend "Made, In, England" on three lines. The horse box is held in place by one machined rivet and rear locating lug.

The item comes in the very plain thin plastic tray associated with this series of toys — very thin vacuum molded yellow plastic.

I do not know exactly when this item was issued but it would have been around the 1970s.

Item: 3309