Les Editions Atlas of France

The company "les Éditions Atlas" is a subsidiary company of the European group, De Agostini. Founded in 1901 near Milan (Italy), De Agostini is one of the principal European publishers, specialising in the field of themed magazines and media, including works devoted to collectibles, history, the arts, cooking, DIY and languages.

Les Éditions Atlas is a direct marketing arm of the De Agostini group. Its products are mainly themed magazines and associated collectibles sold by direct subscription or through magazine stands. It was formed in 1975 and turned to direct marketing in 1987. It has produced a range of collectible vehicle items including a Citroen series, a Bugatti series, a Postal Vehicles series (French), a Tour de France series and the Tintin series. Many of the collectible vehicles can be found via eBay or in cut price outlets in the United Kingdom.

A number of the company's recent subject items are related to popular children's interests, such as Dora the Explorer and Pokemon, or to all-age topics such as the X-Files, War Planes, Crafts and most recently Dinky DS19 models. Their web site is in French and it carries little information on the extent of any series of collectibles. I'm certain that in the past more information was available on the web site but my recent visit there was not as successful in obtaining information on the new series of collectibles as I appear to have been in the past.