Corgi 302-B-1 Hillman Hunter - London-Sydney Rally

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This model is the Corgi 302-B-1 Hillman Hunter in Blue, White and Black, Rootes Group livery as driven in the 1968 London to Sydney Marathon. It comes with a brown plastic kangaroo. At the bottom of this page is a photo taken by Bruce Thomas of Perth, West Australia of the real Hillman in action. I haven't been able to contact Bruce for permission to use his photo so I have attributed it to him as per Wiki Commons guidelines and Bruce, if you ever find this page can I have confirmed permission to use the photo? More of Bruce's photos can be found at this site together with links to some of Bruce's other photos.

The model has no opening parts other than the lid of the roof toolbox. At the front is the silver painted grille, covered by the "roo bars" (Kangaroo bars). The headlights and centre "roo bar" light are all jeweled lenses and the lower front lights below the "roo bar" are represented by circular, silver painted, parts of the cast body. The bonnet is painted matt black and carries a cast "Hillman" across the front edge, the number plate [MVK15G] in white on a black background (decal), and black on white "signatures" of the three drivers. An unpainted metal "spotlight" is fitted to the left hand side of the bonnet. Other advertising decals appear on the bonnet, sides and rear of the car and these may have been applied by the original owner as their placement does not tally with photos of the real car except for the door racing numbers "75" and the Rootes Group emblem. The two front doors carry a cast "Hunter" badge in the body colour. At the rear the boot has a further cast "Hillman" badge and further advertising decals. The rear lights are represented by red painted rectangles and a reversing spotlight (jeweled lens) inset into the lower body. The rear number plate [MKV15G] in white on black background is applied to the lower boot lid. Two metal foot plates stick out from the rear of the vehicle. Mounted on the roof is a further "spotlight", to the right, above the driver's seat. Alongside this are two spare wheels, complete with tyres, and to the rear of the roof is the toolbox, the lid of which opens to reveal a full set of chromed tools

The interior is all grey plastic with a right hand drive, gold metal steering wheel inserted into the grey plastic dashboard (instrument panel). The glazing is clear all round.

All wheels are of the "Golden Jack" type - solid one piece cast metal with a "bare metal", 8 spoke patterned "hub" in the center. By moving the jack lever, the wheels are able to be taken off.

The base plate is grey painted metal and is marked with "Made in GT Britain", Corgi Toys in the top centre, "Hillman Hunter Mk II" and the Rootes Group logo in the middle centre, and "PAT.APP.13380/67" at the bottom centre. It is held in place with two machined rivets.

This model 302 was issued between July 1969 and 1972. Its scale was said to be 1:45.

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