Corgi 1100-A-3 Bedford S Carrimore Low Loader

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This model is the Corgi 1100-A-3 Bedford S Carrimore Low Loader in Red and Blue.

This model features a red Bedford S type tractor unit with headlights, grille, and front bumper picked out in silver. The glazing is clear and there is no interior. The blue Carrimore low loader trailer has a silver winch, with black plastic claw mechanism attached by the original yellow string, positioned on the front raised trailer bed.  The folding loading ramps are in the trailer body colour and adorned with the "Corgi" dog logo (only seen when the ramps are in the raised position). It is a single axle articulated trailer and attaches to the tractor unit by means of a polished metal pin.

The only operating parts are the winch and claw, and rear folding ramp sections.

All wheels are of the spun, shaped type, with separate black tyres, on steel axles.

The tractor base plate is grey painted metal and is marked, parallel to the axles, "Big, Bedford Tractor, Unit" on three lines to the front behind the grille, "Made in Gt Britain" on the axle cover, "Corgi, Toys" on two lines behind the front axle, and "Pat. Pending" over the rear axle cover.  the base of the trailer is actually the underside of the casting and is marked with Corgi Major Toys at the top middle centre. Below this, on two lines, is "Carrimore Low Loader". Towards the front, centred on the base, is "Patents Pending" followed by "Made in GT Britain".

This model was issued between April 1958 and 1962 and its scale was stated to be 1:50.

Item: 3680