Century Dragon Industrial Limited

At the moment I know little about this company which is based in Hong Kong (I think). Further detail will be inserted here when I manage to find out more about the company. Century Dragon Industrial Limited is currently the only licensee allowed to produce limited edition models of vehicles produced by the First Automobile Works (FAW) of China.  FAW is China's largest vehicle manufacturer and the Hong Qi, or Red Flag, was one of the most significant vehicles in modern day China as it was used to transport visiting dignitaries and heads of state during their visits to China.

FAW was founded at Changchun City, in the Jilin province on the 15th July, 1953 with plans to produce cars and trucks for domestic use. Production was not started until the completion of construction some three years later. On the 13th July, 1956 the first middle-weight truck called the Jiefang (based on a USSR ZIL vehicle), rolled off the production lines and into the history of Chinese manufactured motor vehicles. In 1958 the first Hong Qi (Red Flag) vehicles were produced. With an output of over 500,000 vehicles a year, ranging from limousines to trucks, the FAW group now employs over 130,000 people and owns licences for the production of Charade, Volkswagen, Audi, Toyota and Mazda vehicles plus the legendary Jiefang and Hong Qi (Red Flag) Chinese brands.

I have written three reviews so far, about the Jiefang CA10 and Hong Qi (Red Flag) CA770 models. A further review will be written soon on the new open top "Red Flag" Limousine and the Military CA10 Tanker.

Century Dragon issues both General Release models and Limited Edition Models (9999 worldwide). The latter can incorporate up to 300 parts that are hand assembled by the company's skilled staff.

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