Brumm of Italy

The Italian company Brumm was originally the creation of three friends who started by producing models of period horse-drawn carriages (with and without horses). These carriages originally appeared as the Brumm (reference numbers B01 to B26) and Historical (reference numbers H01 to H21) series.

The name Brumm was taken from "el Brumm" which referred to the hackney-coach drivers of Milan. The term "el Brumm" itself is a derivative of "Brumista Brumista" which was the name given towards the end of the 19th Century to the coach drivers.

In 1976, the friends expanded their range of models to include steam powered vehicles (Old Fire - reference numbers X01 to X08) and replicas of the first motor cars (the Revival series - reference numbers r1 to r270+). The 1923 three wheeler Morgan sports (r1) was the first of the Revival series to be produced.

Today the company manufactures over two hundred and seventy different models, all in 1:43 scale. These delightful car models mainly represent vehicles of a more historical nature, the exception being one or two contemporary racing cars. Since 1986 the company has produced a yearly series of Limited Edition models (5000 pieces each, reference numbers s001 to s047) that are now eagerly sought by the avid collector. In 1987, production ceased on the first 10 models in the Revival car series making them highly prized collector items.