Base C800 Series - Standard Vanguard Phase I

Base Toys arrived on the scene around 2007/2008. They were "OO" scale (1:76) models of British vehicles, manufactured in China for a UK importer. An extensive list of models produced can be found HERE. Please note that the list is copyright to its author, Peter Harrison. Do not simply copy it without the author's written approval.

The Standard Vanguard is a car produced by the Standard Motor Company in Coventry from 1947 to 1963. The car was announced in July 1947. It was completely new with no resemblance to the previous models, and was Standard's first post-Second World War car. It was also the first model to carry the new Standard badge, which was a heavily-stylised representation of the wings of a Griffin.

The car used a conventional chassis on which was mounted the American inspired, semi-streamlined four-door body, which resembles a Plymouth. Suspension was independent at the front with coil springs and a live axle and leaf springs at the rear. Front and rear anti-roll bars were fitted. The brakes were hydraulic with 9 inch (228 mm) drums all round. To make the most of the interior space a column gear change was used.

An estate car joined the range in 1950 and the body was updated in 1952 with a lowered bonnet line, a wider rear window and a new grill featuring a wide horizontal chrome bar in place of the narrow more closely packed slats of the original grill.

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