Base C700 Series - Standard Vanguard Phase III

Base Toys arrived on the scene around 2007/2008. They were "OO" scale (1:76) models of British vehicles, manufactured in China for a UK importer. An extensive list of models produced can be found HERE. Please note that the list is copyright to its author, Peter Harrison. Do not simply copy it without the author's written approval.

The Standard Vanguard is a car produced by the Standard Motor Company in Coventry from 1947 to 1963. The car was announced in July 1947 and was completely new with no resemblance to the previous models. This was Standard's first post-Second World War car. It was also the first model to carry the new Standard badge, which was a heavily-stylised representation of the wings of a Griffin.

The Phase III was a radical change for the company with the elimination of the separate chassis. There was an overlap in availability of the old model with the Phase II estate continuing into 1956. The car was lighter than the superseded model and the gearing was changed to deliver better economy with performance virtually unchanged.

The new body was lower and had an increased glass area making it look much more modern and the old two piece flat windscreen gave way to a one piece curved design. The wheelbase increased by 8 in (203 mm) giving much better passenger accommodation. Bench seats were fitted in front and rear with folding centre arm rests. They were covered in Vynide with leather available as an option.

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