Base C400 Series - Hillman Imp

Base Toys arrived on the scene around 2007 targeted at Railway enthusiasts. They quickly found favour with many diecast model vehicle collectors around the world, being of a similar size and indicative of a similar period to the Lesney Matchbox range. An extensive list of the models produced can be found HERE. Please note that the list is copyright to its author, Peter Harrison. Do not simply copy it without the author's written approval.

The Hillman Imp was a compact, rear-engined saloon car that was manufactured under the Hillman marque by the Rootes Group UK (later Chrysler Europe) between 1963 and 1976. Its main rival on the UK home market was the BMC Mini which preceded the Imp by almost four years. Over the life of the car, the Rootes Group produced three basic body styles. The original saloon was introduced in May 1963 with an opening rear window and was available to the end of production in 1976. Through the use of the opening rear window, the car was effectively a hatchback with the opening rear window intended to ease loading of the small luggage area behind the fold down rear seat squab. A coupe was introduced in 1965 and in the same year the van was introduced as the Commer Imp. The Commer Imp body panels were later used to create an estate car, badged as a Hillman Husky, in 1967.

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