Base C200 Series - Armstrong Siddeley

Base Toys arrived on the scene around 2007 targeted at Railway enthusiasts. They quickly found favour with many diecast model vehicle collectors around the world, being of a similar size and indicative of a similar period to the Lesney Matchbox range. An extensive list of the models produced can be found HERE. Please note that the list is copyright to its author, Peter Harrison. Do not simply copy it without the author's written approval.

Armstrong Siddeley was a British company that operated between 1919 and 1960 and is best known for the production of luxury motor cars and aircraft engines. The last model produced by Armstrong Siddeley was the 1958 Armstrong Siddeley Star Sapphire which came with a 4 litre engine and automatic transmission. The Armstrong Siddeley car became a casualty of the 1960s merger with Bristol and the last Armstrong Siddeley car left the Coventry factory in 1960.

Base toys produced 2 two-tone versions of the Armstrong Siddeley: Black over Green and Black over Grey.


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